Return to top Man Sees Tiny, Shaking Body, He Realises A Puppy Was Thrown Down There And Has To Help

Man Sees Tiny, Shaking Body, He Realises A Puppy Was Thrown Down There And Has To Help

By - 30th January 2017

At Happiest we trawl the internet trying to find you feel good content to give you a break from all of the negativity we see on social media and in the news. One trend that I have spotted is the sheer will of animals to overcome the impossibly bleak situations they sometimes find themselves in. I can’t help but feel inspired by them every day.

I’m going to be upfront about the video, I’m a 28-year-old man, I cried, pretty hard actually, the first few minutes are incredibly sad. So why is it on Happiest I hear you ask? Well, this is a tale of overcoming seemingly impossible odds and coming out the other side. Every single one of us is fighting some battle. Stories like this highlight that there are good people out there willing to help and there is almost nothing that we can’t get through if we keep the belief. You will be smiling by the end I assure you.

A tiny pup called ‘Jordan’ was found in an LA storm drain, sodden and shaking. Heartbreakingly he was also missing a leg which had been cut off before he was tossed over 30 feet into the drain.

The amazing folks at Hope For Paws were made aware of the poor pup’s plight and rushed to help, once collected from the drain they rushed him to the vets, it was clear he needed instant attention.

Jordan needed a series of blood transfusions, many baths, and once he was strong enough he was given the life-saving surgery, he so desperately needed.

It wouldn’t be a Happiest story if it didn’t have a happy ending, so watch how far he comes. By the end of the video, you will be wiping away the tears from your cheeks and wearing massive smile instead.

This video is sad but by the end, I hope you’ll see why we posted it to Happiest.

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