Return to top IKEA Launch Pet Furniture Store And It’s Every Animal Lovers Dream Come True.

IKEA Launch Pet Furniture Store And It’s Every Animal Lovers Dream Come True.

By - 10th October 2017

Everybody knows that IKEA is the king of compact furniture. The flatpack giants are well-known for stocking everything and anything. Whatever you could possibly need to make a house a home.

They’ve even mastered the way to make you purchase completely pointless knick-knacks that you really don’t need but feel like you can’t live without it once you see it.

We know that IKEA is a big fan of animals. Let’s not forget their brilliant advert where rescue cats roamed free around a store at night.

The one thing they have never done before, however, is a collection specifically tailored to pets. But now, IKEA is ready to make changes with a new range called LURVIG.

But what does it mean? ‘lurvig’ is actually the Swedish word for ‘hairy’ (naturally) and the range includes everything from scratching posts to dog beds.

IKEA for cats and dogs

The collection is currently rolling out across stores in America, Canada, France and Japan. Other stores across the globe will be scheduled to stock the ‘purrfect’ range from March 2018. So get your paws in your wallets and get ready to shop till you drop!

Many of the items in the collection utilize existing products, transforming them into the pet equivalent objects. For example, this adorable little pet bed slides neatly under your standard IKEA bed and the design matches perfectly so it won’t look out of place.

Another example, the cat scratching post is designed to wrap comfortably around the table leg so there will be no more claw marks on the sofa. This also allows more space in the home now that you don’t have to find a place for the traditional scratching stand.

Most families who shop at IKEA will most likely own the shelving squares. Knowing this, the Swedish brand developed the KALLAX inserts which integrate a comfortable fabric sleeping space into the company’s popular square storage system.

In fact, many of the pet products can be integrated into IKEA’s most popular furniture pieces.

I don’t know about you, but we absolutely love them! I think it’s time to make another mad dash to IKEA to stock up on some new treats for our furry friends.

And it’s not just furniture, they’ve also created some very chic, minimalist accessories.

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