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Great Dane Discovers Trampoline, Cue The Hilarity

By - 9th June 2017

I think its fair to say, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen what happens when you put a trampoline and a nosey Great Dane together.

It’s well know that Dogs love to play, watching them provides us with endless entertainment and joy.

In the video we get to meet a highly nosey Great Dane who wants to know whats going on in his neighbourhood.

His playful side sure comes out when he discovers the family’s trampoline.We dare you to watch this video and not laugh.

The angle that it’s taken from is absolutely perfect, and this cute dog is so comical as he leaps into the air.

Even though Great Danes are tall enough to see much more than your average dog can, this clever dog has found a way to see over the large fence that borders his yard.

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