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Elephant Breaks Water Sprinkler, Now Watch As She Has The Time Of Her Life

By - 2nd August 2018

It can get pretty hot in Thailand and nobody knows it better than Faa Sai the elephant. Much to the dismay of her carers, she has found the perfect way to cool off in the heat. 

Faa Sai is a rescue elephant who now lives happily and safely at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. She has plenty of land to wander around in and other elephants to interact with. But there is one thing that Faa Sai loves more than anything…

And that is breaking the water sprinklers to play in the resulting watery chaos.

Yep, you heard us right! This mischievous elephant intentionally breaks the water sprinklers so that copious amounts of water come spraying out into the air. She then soaks herself and plays in the water. It looks like she is having the time of her life!

elephant breaks water sprinkler
Elephants breaks water sprinkler at Nature Park so she can play.

Elephant breaks water sprinkler so she can cool off in the sun

Faa Mai quickly realized that the water sprinklers weren’t half as fun when they worked correctly. So instead, she has made it her mission to turn the Elephant Nature Park into an elephant water park!

But nobody really wants to stop her because she is having the time of her life…

But Faa Sai’s antics didn’t stop on this one occasion. She has made it something of a habit.

I guess she just really enjoyed the sprinkler session that she had to do it again. After all, nobody could be mad at her when she is so adorable.

elephant breaks water sprinkler
Faa Sai looks so happy as she plays in the water

Faa Sai has since broken yet another sprinkler, only to play in it. You can see her rolling around on the ground as she is soaked by the water spray. It’s impossible to stop watching her as she plays and enjoys her little game.

She may be a big girl now but she looks just like a baby as she plays.

Watch the adorable video of Faa Sai below to see her enjoying her safety and freedom at the Elephant Nature Park. Share her mischievous antics with your friends to share the happiness. Also, we love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. 🐝