Return to top Dog Sniffs Out And Finds Owner After 7 Months Apart — Most Amazing Reaction

Dog Sniffs Out And Finds Owner After 7 Months Apart — Most Amazing Reaction

By - 5th February 2017

Trust me when I say, this is sure to be the sweetest thing you’ll watch today!

‘Sandy’ the golden retriever walked into his house, after being out for a walk, It has been 7 long months since he’d last seen his owner, it just seemed like any other day.

Almost instantly as he stepped through the door his mood suddenly shifted, he was sure he could smell his owners scent and he wasn’t going to stop until he had sniffed her out.

In the video you can see sandy turning each room inside out in search of his beloved and much missed owner.

Maria, the owner, is a health and fitness model and motivator, she has been telling her story of recovery, the struggles of eating disorders and an abusive relationship. This career has taken her all over the world. Sadly this also kept her away from her much loved pooch for 7 long months.

Anyway, back to the hunt, sandy sprinted from room to room trying to narrow down the scent, it has to be said, he does a pretty poor job actually. But regardless he sticks at it and finally locates her.

What follows is just the most precious and beautiful thing you’ll see all day! It truly shows that the bond with dogs is one to be treasured, the love can endure months of separartion with out it fading in the slightest.

You can watch the video below, if you enjoy it as much as we did then please share with your friends and family.🐝