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Terrified Dog Cried Like A Human When Rescuers Got Close, 2 Weeks Later Her Transformation Is Incredible

By - 13th June 2018

Rain may live in a happy home now with her adoptive family, but her life didn’t start off with such a happy beginning. When ‘Hope For Paws’ found Rain, homeless and hiding behind a van, she cried like a human. They could see just how terrified this dog was of people. 

Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar received a tip that a stray dog had been hiding below a van for a few days. So they rushed over to the location to see if they could rescue the homeless pup. When they arrived, they had a heartbreaking sight.

The poor dog was cowering beneath the van, absolutely terrified. Her ears had been eaten away by flies and she was covered in dust. Rescuer Loreta Frankonyte tried to lure the sweet dog with bites of cheeseburger, but her heart broke as the pup cried out in fear. Any time somebody tried to get close to her, she ran away. Loreta described the sound of Rain’s cries as “[something] that I have never heard in my life!”

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The team didn’t know how Rain had come to be there, but one thing was certain. She was petrified of humans. Perhaps the vulnerable dog had been abandoned or abused by previous owners. The crafty pup managed to avert the rescuers any time they came close. She even wedged herself between a narrow space between two tall storage cabinets to avoid rescuers.

But eventually, Loreta was able to earn her trust and lure the dog out. Gently, they guided Rain to their car where they transported her to the rescue center. Things were already looking up for Rain and she could clearly tell, as her tail began to lightly wag.

Back at the rescue center she received some serious TLC and was bathed and groomed. Thankfully, she didn’t have anything seriously wrong with her and she looked like a new dog by the time the team was done with her. Hope For Paws prepared to put her up for adoption, but fate had a different plan.

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Only a couple of weeks after her rescue, Rain met a good Samaritan called Allison Dunbar. Allison was helping Loreta with another pet rescue when she saw Rain and immediately fell in love. Rain, who had been named so to reflect her initial stormy situation, became a new dog overnight as she joined Allison’s family for good.

Rain now has a loving home, a backyard to play in and a new canine friend called Ernie. The Dunbars also decided to change her name to something that reflects her sunny, intelligent, expressive personality better. You may now refer to Rain as ‘Sassy Pants Dunbar’. Needless to say, Sassy Pants clearly loves her new home and her story has gone viral.

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Watch the video below to see Sassy Pants’ story in full. You may need some tissues on hand as you watch this emotional rollercoaster of a story.

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