Return to top Curious Deer Enters Store But Leaves Just As Fast, Out Of The Blue She Returns, This Time Not Alone

Curious Deer Enters Store But Leaves Just As Fast, Out Of The Blue She Returns, This Time Not Alone

By - 14th December 2017

As a shop keeper you see many different types of customers throughout your day. But Lori Jones got a shock when a very unexpected customer stepped through her shop door; a wild deer.

The Horsetooth Inn and RV Park is a tranquil getaway set at the foot of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Lori works in a gift and supply shop. Surrounded by lush woodland, it isn’t uncommon to see wildlife walking about. But Lori never expected that wildlife would walk straight into her shop.

Lori was going about her business when she looked up from the till to an incredible sight. A wild doe was standing in the shop doorway.

As Lori looked on in disbelief, the doe strolled into the store and began to peruse as if she were a regular customer. I guess animals have Christmas shopping to do too…

It was hilarious. She was looking at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard.

It turns out that the curious deer isn’t a stranger to Lori; she is the matriarch of a local deer family. Usually, the family graze in the nearby fields, only passing through the camp grounds to reach it. But on this day, the matriarch had taken a different path and wandered straight into Lori’s store.

Assuming that the doe had lost her way, Lori lured her back outside to the field, with the aid of a peanut bar. As the doe went on her way, Lori thought that was the last she would see of the inquisitive deer. But she was oh so wrong!

About 30 minutes later, the doe returned to the shop. But she wasn’t alone. Following close behind were three of her babies.

She had clearly gone home and told her family about the amazing things she had seen in the ‘human world’ and wanted to show them herself.

About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family. I’m in the office doing inventory, and I come out to find her there. This time she brought back her twins, and this one young buck that she adopted.

The young deer waited in the doorway, looking to Lori, waiting for permission to step inside. However, Lori knew that she would have her hands full with four deer roaming around her shop so she firmly told the deer “no”.

Clutching another peanut bar, Lori managed to lure the family of deer back to the field where she hoped they would remain for good. As entertaining as the visit was, there’s only so many peanut bars she could sacrifice to bribing the wildlife.

Once she had the deer back in the safety of their field, she clapped her hands and like magic, they dispersed and returned into the forest.

Usually you have to go looking for wildlife, but on this special day, the wildlife came to Lori instead. It certainly was a work day that Lori would never forget!

It was just a lovely thing to see. The population of wildlife here is just astounding. We have mountain lions, bighorn sheep, deer, raccoons — you name it. They have to fend for themselves. That’s nature. But I think they’re all wonderful.

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