Return to top Couple Head To Shelter To Get New Kitty, But When They Arrive She Refuses To Let Go Of Best Friend

Couple Head To Shelter To Get New Kitty, But When They Arrive She Refuses To Let Go Of Best Friend

By - 11th January 2018

We all struggle to be separated from our best friends and it is no different in the animal kingdom. Luna and Louie found each other in the STAR Rescue, Gainesville, GL, and immediately became inseparable.

Luna is a brown and orange Main Coon, while Louie is an orange tabby. The pair may be different breeds but that doesn’t stop them from adoring each other; they do everything together. The cuddly best friends adore snuggling up and giving each other kitty kisses.

When James and his girlfriend dropped by the STAR Rescue looking for a pet to adopt, they originally intended to get a dog. But as soon as they discovered Louie and Luna they couldn’t leave them behind.

We went in looking for a dog but we live in an apartment and both work full-time jobs that keep us away from home a lot and dogs require a lot more attention. So we decided that getting a cat would be the better route because I’ve had cats my whole life and I knew what it took to house one and everything.

James’ girlfriend instantly fell in love with the two friendly felines and, especially, loved Luna. So they returned to the shelter two weeks later with the intention to adopt her. But it was easier said than done, as they couldn’t bear to separate the cuddly duo.

Deciding to keep Louie and Luna together, they took both cats home, planning to foster Louie until he could be re-homed. However, after having the two love bugs in their home, it wasn’t long before they permanently adopted Louie too. Now the two kitties would have a forever home together.

We couldn’t let go of Louie after seeing how ‘at home’ they both were together. They love to take care of each other and nap together. They do everything together.

The two best friends couldn’t be more grateful for their new surroundings and the unconditional love of their owners. This year, instead of sitting in a shelter, they have been able to lie under the Christmas tree together in a happy, loving home.

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