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Conservation Workers Capture Wild Sand Kittens On Film For The Very First Time.

By - 12th October 2017

Scientists working with Panthera, an organization devoted to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species, believe they have caught wild sand kittens on film, in their African range, for the first time ever – and fortunately for us, have shared what they found with the whole world to see!


After four years of extensive research, their patience finally paid off when the teamheaded by biologists Grégory Breton and Dr Alexander Sliwa spotted three pairs of eyes glowing in the darkness as they drove back to camp in the Moroccan Sahara earlier this year.

On further investigation, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they approached the 6 to 8 week old kittens who are notoriously good at avoiding detection due to the colour of their coats, furry paws which don’t leave prints in sand, habit of only traveling under the darkness of night and don’t leave any traces.

Panthera’s team spent approx. one hour taking images and documenting the kittens, then radio-collaring an adult female believed to be the mother of the kittens.


Sand cats are the only cat species to live exclusively in the desert and can be found in North Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia – as the research team will tell you however, they are incredibly difficult to actually track down!

Check out the images and video and share with your friends! Please note that sadly we cannot keep them as pets!! 🐝

Photography by Grégory Breton