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This Cat With No Nose Is Looking For Its Forever Home

By - 20th June 2019

Cats are great. They are loving yet independent. Cool and collected but reliable. They look a bit mean, but love a cuddle or stroke. Yes, sometimes they may bring you an unwanted present, but overall they are adorable and lovely. However, many cats are abandoned every year and services struggle to rehome them. Many more are strays. But one center in the UK has a very special cat with a distinguishing feature. He has no nose.

The adorable cat is called Dave. Dave is 14 and was given to the home when his owner went into care. He is housed at the Bath Cats and Dogs Home in Somerset, England. But, they have been struggling to find a forever home for the poor guy.

dave the cat with no nose

The tabby cat had the tip of his nose removed a few years ago. The operation was done to remove a tumor. He’s healthy now, but many potential owners can’t see past his nose.

Adoption Issues

Rachel Jones of the Bath Cats and Dogs Home said he was just looking for a “quiet retirement home” where he can “live the rest of his years in peace and quiet”.

“Dave is beautiful but sadly due to his looks he’s struggling to find a home,” she said. “It doesn’t affect him at all and he doesn’t need specialist care – he just looks odd.

“But he’s a very loving cat and just waiting for someone to overlook his unusual feature and give him a forever home.”

dave the cat with no nose

Would you adopt Dave? He seems really chilled and honestly looks so beautiful even without his nose. Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends. Make sure to share with anyone in England who might be interested! You can always check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about a stray puppy who befriended some travellers.