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Man Records Cow Acting Strange, Before Suddenly Realising What She’s So Desperate To Show Him

By - 11th June 2018

When Dave stopped to film the cows in a nearby green pasture, he got more than he bargained for when a cow approached him for help. 

Dave was driving down a country road when he saw a herd of cows in a field in Millbrook, Ontario. They were all cooling off by the water on a hot day, so Dave got out of his car to admire the animals. Everything felt completely normal until he noticed a cow approaching him. He assumed that the cow was just curious about him, but after a while, he wondered if there was more to it.

The cow, called Flo, was separated from Dave by an electric fence so he felt safe, but Flo kept mooing at him. Her persistent moo’s made him curious, so he stepped closer to her. Leading him to the fence, he suddenly realized what she had been desperately trying to tell him.

On the other side of the electric fence was her newborn calf. Flo must have given birth to the calf too close to the fence. It appeared that it had slid down the slope to the other side. She didn’t pick the best spot to have her baby…

electric fence

Knowing that the fence was electric, she couldn’t reach her newborn child who needed feeding and tending to. So it was up to Dave to get the baby back to its mom.

Propping the fence up, he tried to gently push the calf underneath the fence. However, there were several obstacles standing in his way. He and the baby got several shocks as he attempted to get it under the wires. Mom was not too pleased when he touched her baby, gearing up to charge if she felt like it was in danger.

Dave bravely persevered and eventually managed to reunite the calf with its happy mommy. It’s lucky that Dave stopped to admire the cows, otherwise who knows how long the calf could have been stuck on the other side of the fence. Watch the touching rescue in the video below – it is beautiful seeing how protective mommy is of her beloved child. This video proves how intelligent animals are and that they feel love for their family, just like humans do.

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