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Tiny Dog Was So Terrified She Never Wagged Her Tail, Her Transformation Is Reducing Everyone To Tears

By - 13th September 2018

There’s nothing sadder than seeing a shelter dog in desperate need of care. It’s an awful sight knowing that most of these dogs have either been abandoned or abused. Unfortunately, Blossom was one of these dogs.

Sadly, at the age of three, Blossom had never wagged her tail. She was one of the most terrified pups we had ever seen and she was deathly afraid of everything and everyone around her.

Blossom was rescued from a dog hoarding situation. The incident took place Tehachapi (Bakersfield, Southern California area). Around 160 dogs were saved from the hoarding situation.

Thankfully, rescue groups like Bakersfield Shelter, SPCA and Marley’s Mutts jumped to the rescue to try and help this troubled animals. Rocky Kanaka tells the story of how he stumbled across Blossom.

Blossom wags her tail

Rocky works as a ‘foster parent’ for animals in shelters to help rehabilitate them and build them up to their former self. He wants to help abused animals find love again so they have a higher chance of being adopted.

He knew that Blossom was an extreme case, but he wasn’t going to give up.

Blossom hadn’t wagged her tail since she was born – until she met her foster dad

For months, Rocky worked to help Blossom grow confidence and trust again. It was hard, she was terrified of almost everything. Even the sun scared her as she’d never stepped foot outside.

Months went by and the little pup couldn’t stop shaking. She was petrified of everything around her. She would retreat to a hiding spot under Rocky’s kitchen table and would only go outside to do her business then she would run back inside and hide again.

But as time went on, her trust in Rocky grew and she developed more social skills and trust in others. Eventually, she even began to greet the other foster dogs and would welcome them to the house.

How beautiful is this story of a man who took the time to help save and build up one of the most terrified dogs we’ve ever seen? Would you have adopted this beauty? Let us know in the comments.

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