Return to top Vet Says To Euthanize Mangy Stray Dog, 3 Months Later Rescuer Transforms Him Into A ‘Teddy Bear’

Vet Says To Euthanize Mangy Stray Dog, 3 Months Later Rescuer Transforms Him Into A ‘Teddy Bear’

By - 25th June 2018

Everybody loves a rag to riches story. Well, in the case of Benji the dog’s story it is a case of from ‘homeless to loved’. When Benji was discovered living on the street, things didn’t look promising for him. But that was all about to change… 

When YouTube user, Andrea, came across little Benji cowering by the side of a road and rushed him for immediate help. The poor, tiny dog looked emaciated. He had open sores all over his body, he was trembling from malnutrition and he had barely any hair on his body due to a skin infection.

Benji’s ears were scabbed and crusted, which was likely caused by a sarcoptic mange infestation. When Andrea presented him to a vet, they recommended that he be put down due to his terrible condition.

benji the dog

Heartbroken, Andrea couldn’t bear the thought of putting down the sweet dog. He needed help, not to be cast aside. Ignoring the vet’s recommendation, she decided to take care of Benji herself.

Andrea hadn’t taken on an easy task. The weak pup required doctor-administered antibiotic injections, regular baths, and round-the-clock care. She had read that coconut oil could provide antimicrobial and antifungal benefits, so she slathered Benji’s body in the oil every day.

benji the dog

As the weeks passed, with Andrea’s care, Benji began to get better. He now had a nourishing diet and constant care and he was thriving. He barely looked like the dog that Andrea found cowering by the side of the road three months before.

benji the dog

Benji was now a happy, healthy, bouncy little dog. When his fur grew back he looked like a little teddy bear. His transformation is truly incredible.

benji the dog

While some people may have given up on Benji at the first hurdle, luckily he was found by a loving human prepared to put in the work to help him get better.

Nowadays, Benji loves the same things as any other dog. Like playing, napping in his dog bed and going for runs along the beach.

benji the dog

Benji is certainly the poster boy for the phrase “adopt don’t shop”. Not everyone would put in the effort to bring back an animal from the brink of euthanization, but Benji’s story is proof that a little hard work and love can have amazing results. Every animal is worth it.

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