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Visitors Witness Miracle As Endangered Black Rhino Gives Birth In The UK

By - 6th August 2018

Every birth is a miracle, but one recent child that was born into the world is more important than most. The reason being that this child could help save its species from extinction. Malindi the rare black rhino gave birth to a healthy male calf last week at Chester Zoo, much to the delight of the tourists who got to watch. 

After a 15-month pregnancy, Malindi the rare black rhino gave birth in front of lucky visitors to Chester Zoo. Usually, rhinos give birth in the night, but Malindi’s baby just couldn’t wait to come into the world.

The lucky park visitors got front row seats to witness one of the rarest births in nature. Labor lasted approximately half an hour, and within 15 minutes of being born, the healthy calf was up and bouncing about the enclosure.

black rhino

Visitors to the zoo were treated to something incredibly special when Eastern black rhino, Malindi, went in to labor in front of them. With just 650 Eastern black rhino left in the wild, seeing the birth of a new calf and it’s very first steps is a very rare and special event indeed. – Tim Rowlands, Chester Zoo curator of mammals.

There are only approximately 650 black rhinos left in the world. It was only last year that the last male Northern white rhino in Kenya died; he left behind his daughter and granddaughter. Rhinos are critically endangered, so the birth of this healthy little calf is a wonderful addition to the species. Maybe there is hope yet that their numbers will rise again.

black rhino
Could this little guy be any cuter?

The tiny rhino is feeding regularly and has bonded with his mama quickly. Malindi previously gave birth to another rhino calf, so the baby will have a sibling to look out for him. Chester Zoo boasts the birth of 11 healthy black rhinos in the last 20 years; an awesome achievement for their conservation and breeding efforts.

We just hope this new calf helps us to raise some much-needed attention to this truly magnificent species and inspires urgent action to protect their future on this planet. We cannot and must not allow this subspecies to become extinct – a fate which has, tragically, already become of some of its cousins.

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