Return to top Passersby Hear Muffled Cry From Trash Bag In Street, When They Open It Up, They Recoil In Horror

Passersby Hear Muffled Cry From Trash Bag In Street, When They Open It Up, They Recoil In Horror

By - 13th September 2018

Passerbys heard an unsettling scream coming from a plastic bag that had been dumped on the streets of India. When people got close to the bag that was starting to move, they realized that inside was a very abused and fearful puppy.

The dog was very sick and unbelievably terrified. As soon as anybody moved closer, the dog would start screaming again. They noticed the dog had awful mange and a very painful looking sore on its hip.

Immediately, people contacted Animal Aid to try and help this troubled pup. As always, the Animal Aid team headed straight out to the rescue of the poorly dog.

But the frightened pup was just too scared to face anyone. In fact, every time somebody tried to take the dog out of the plastic bag, it would bury its head deeper into it to try and hide.

The Animal Aid team tried their best to calm the dog down so they could begin helping it.

Sadly, the dog was so hungry that it could barely move. However, that meant the team could earn the dog’s trust easier with some food.

The team worked slowly so they wouldn’t spook the animal. They gave him lots of pats to show him they were friendly. Building the trust with an abused dog like this one is one of the biggest challenges. But soon he started to trust them.

Thankfully, Animal Aid managed to work their magic and slowly rehabilitate the dog. They worked on his mange, tried to help with the sore leg and began building up the dog’s weight and strength again.

The transformation was remarkable and the dog is totally unrecognizable from the petrified dog they originally found. He even gets his tail wagging again! Make sure you check out the video to see what this gorgeous pup looks like now.

Don’t forget to watch this heart-warming rescue of a terrified and abused dog by Animal Aid India in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. 🐝