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Adorable Stray Dogs Won’t Stop Cuddling After They Were Rescued.

By - 11th August 2016

You could call it puppy love, but these adorable pooches just can’t keep their little paws off each other.

The pair of inseparable puppies have been melting hearts all over social media after they were adopted by some Buddhist nuns in pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Even thought the larger pup looks too small and helpless to even take care of himself, he keeps on holding his younger pal dearly in protection.

It’s unknown what these two have experienced on the streets before being taken in by the temple that has made them look so vulnerable. Luckily though it would seem, the two are in good hands now! They’re getting used to their new home and even trying to learn meditation from the nuns and everything will be alright now!

The bigger of the pups isn’t going to let go of his little pal!

Cute little pooches have been making quite the stir on social media.

They go absolutely everywhere together.  


They were very shy at first, but then they started to relax!


This little one even started exploring the temple.


while this ones clearly feeling very relaxed in his new home.

adopted-dogs-cuddle-buddhist-nuns-china-12 Hes even tried his hand at some meditation 😂


But we’re told he cant concentrate very well with his little pal running around now…

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