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Dad Tells Daughter They Can’t Afford To Keep Runt, She Begs For One Chance & Turns It In To A Champion

By - 11th July 2018

For as long as she can possibly remember, 11-year-old Breana Carsey from Connersville, Indiana, has dreamt of one thing – having her very own horse. A Broodmare (mommy horse) to give birth to a little baby horse. From there, she wanted to raise the foal to become a racing champion!

Breana’s parents knew how much their little girl wanted a horse. She’s talked about it since she was a kid. Brian Carsey, her father, wants to do all he can for his daughter but didn’t know how to raise the animal.

Absolutely, this was a fairy tale for her from day one. We put it off for five years almost, because we don’t have a farm.

Breana Carsey loves her horse

Brian couldn’t say ‘no’ forever. He knew how much his daughter wanted a horse so he began thinking of ways to save money. “Well… she has me wrapped around her finger,” he said.

Breana’s wish got granted and in the spring of 2013, her Ohio standard-bred foal was born. She named him MJB Got Faith. MJB for the initials of the kids in her family. And ‘Got Faith’ for the constant and instant faith she had in the horse.

“I really loved him,” Breana said to Steve Hartman of CBS News. “He’s super soft too.”

As adorable as the horse was, it was proving to be a problem for Breana’s dad. Brian had to explain to Breana that the horse was a runt and it wouldn’t be able to race. Therefore, they were expensively housing a horse from poor breeding stock that they couldn’t afford.

Brian asked Breana Carsey to let him sell the horse but she refused

She’s like, there’s no price daddy. So I’m talking to my wife and it’s like, we really got ourselves in a mess here. And I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this.

Breana said her dad couldn’t see what she saw in MJB; he just didn’t believe in the horse.

Now, because Brian loves his daughter, he agreed to house and train this horse that had no hope of winning. The Carsey’s are not a wealthy family but Breana always wanted to enter her horse into Ohio racing.

Ohio racing is a harness-style horse race and it’s a $900 million a year industry

MJB Got Faith was so slow that he barely even qualified to compete – but out of nowhere, somehow, he won his first race! Then his second, his third and his fourth. This meant that he qualified for the state championship in Columbus, Ohio.

“I said ‘Baby, if you finish third, you should be so thankful,'” Brian told his daughter.

She goes, ‘Daddy, if he finishes last I’m going to be thankful. But he’s going to win.’

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