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Driver Can’t Believe His Eyes As ‘Angel’ Appears In Sky Over Highway

By - 3rd August 2018

We often hear of little miracles happening each and every day. It’s those moments in life that we don’t expect that truly make us sit back and reflect. Some miracles shock us and others blow us away in the best way possible. But seeing an ‘angel cloud’ has certainly left a lot of people amazed.

Only recently, Danny Ferraro was driving down Highway 105 in Texas when he spotted something incredible in the sky in front of him.

The sunlight was projecting rays from behind a cloud formation that looked just like a giant angel hovering in the sky.

The angel cloud caught him off guard but Danny was so impressed by what he saw

This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105. How awesome is that!

Some folks have been dubbing it the ‘Texas Angel’. Danny Ferraro was “en route to handle a situation that he wasn’t looking forward to,” but when he spotted this angel cloud looking over him in the sky, he knew everything was going to be alright.

But some people are seeing other things. One person described the angel cloud as a “praying mantis with a dress on!” Another stated that the clouds looked like “Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music“.

But that’s not the first time something like this has happened

It’s not quite an angel cloud, but last year, somebody filmed what looks like a holographic crucifix in the sky. The video has been seen over 670,000 times and it certainly got the internet pondering.

It’s not every day you see a giant floating cross in the sky. Maybe that’s why the person doesn’t say anything as they record the video, they could be in shock.

And if that’s not a sign, then this one surely is!

In 2017, Keith Barthold was filming the baptism of his son in a swimming pool. But then something happened on cue that is having people debate whether or not it was a miracle or a fluke occurrence.

As soon as Keith’s son is dipped into the water to be baptized, a semi-truck swiftly drives past on the highway in the background. That’s not particularly special, but it’s what was on the truck that made this impressive.

In giant letters, the truck drove past saying “JESUS”. This is one huge coincidence if nothing else!

It would appear that there are angels all around us; we only need look for them.

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