Return to top Andrea Bocelli & Josh Groban Sing ‘We Will Meet Once Again’ — And It’s Flawless

Andrea Bocelli & Josh Groban Sing ‘We Will Meet Once Again’ — And It’s Flawless

By - 2nd November 2018

We seem to be going a little ‘Andrea Bocelli’ crazy at the moment. But with his latest album, “Si“, recently released, we can’t help but discover new incredible songs and performances. This time, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban have teamed up once again and the song is utterly sensational.

Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban are not shy about performing with each other. The two powerful vocalists have teamed up to perform “We Will Meet Once Again” for Bocelli’s newest album, “Si” and Groban’s album, “Bridges“.

Twenty years ago, Josh Groban’s career started to take shape with some thanks to Andrea Bocelli. So hearing the two perform again now, both as incredible vocalists in their own right is truly remarkable. Here’s Josh’s take on the tale:

“A duet almost 20 years in the making. I owe so much to an early opportunity I had, I was 17 and in high school and asked to be a stand-in singer for Andrea Bocelli when he was stuck on a plane for the Grammys rehearsals. (Longer story how THAT even happened). A terrified, pimple faced and blissfully naive kid sang his heart out that afternoon and the rest is history. Meeting him backstage when he finally arrived I just thought “how cool is this? What a world this is.” He went on to do the telecast and I went back to history class at LACHSA (who were so understanding and supportive). I didn’t have an inkling where my life would take me after that. The bridges left to cross. This song, aptly titled We Will Meet Once Again, is one of my favourites I’ve ever co-written and recorded. It has so much meaning to me. Last night in the stunning setting of Portovenere we sang it for an audience for the first time. Here’s to more full circle surprises. They don’t come easy or often, but they sure are fun. Hope you enjoy. Grazie.”

Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban’s duet, ‘We Will Meet Once Again’ is a truly sensational performance

Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban

The song is filled with such raw emotion and powerful vocals. We’re just surprised this duet didn’t happen sooner but we’re so glad it’s happened now!

It would be great to hear these two music legends work on a whole album of duets together. I think they could really produce something magic. Here’s hoping there will be many more collaborations in the future.

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