Return to top Andrea Bocelli Starts To Sing, But When Ariana Grande Joins In, You’ll Get Chills All Over

Andrea Bocelli Starts To Sing, But When Ariana Grande Joins In, You’ll Get Chills All Over

By - 4th October 2018

I love hearing two vocal powerhouses come together to perform a beautiful duet. But when both of them come from different genres of music, it’s all the more special. Don’t believe us? Opera legend Andrea Bocelli performs a beautiful song with pop superstar Ariana Grande and the results are stunning.

It sounds like an odd mixture to hear an opera legend perform with a modern artist, but let’s not forget that Luciano Pavarotti and Grace Jones performed together and it was utterly stunning!

But there’s something really pure and soothing about Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande’s performance. The two duetted on a track for his new album and the song is a beautiful synergy of two incredible voices. The song is called ‘E Più Ti Penso’ from Bocelli’s upcoming album, Cinema.

On paper, it would sound like a strange collaboration, but Ariana Grande’s vocals perfectly blend in with Bocelli’s for this spellbinding performance.

The song is quite soothing yet powerful with a real calming video to accompany. Though Bocelli is 35 years older than Ariana Grande, you would think these two have been performing together for decades!

Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande

Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande have managed to come together to fuse their vocals into one gorgeous duet.

The song is in Italian and people were impressed to hear Grande singing the language so beautifully. I think a lot of folks forget that she is Italian and part Sicilian herself.

But you don’t have to speak Italian to appreciate the true beauty of the song. Grande matches Bocelli’s operatic style beautifully. The song was made famous in the 1984  movie “Once Upon A Time In America”.

Let us know what you think of the song, we think it’s absolutely sensational.

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