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Andrea Bocelli Serenades His Beautiful Wife, But When She Joins In, Millions Are In Tears

By - 9th November 2018

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Andrea Bocelli knows how to put on a show. He’s a renowned artist with incredible vocal talent and a fan base that spans the globe. But now he’s decided to do a truly breathtaking duet with somebody special. His wife.

Yes, Andrea and Veronica Berti performed a stunning duet together that was nothing short of beautiful. He’s recently duetted with a lot of people like Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Josh Groban and even his own son, Matteo Bocelli. But there’s something really special about Andrea and Veronica Bocelli performing together.

The pair manages to tell a real love story through music. While touring around the world, Andrea Bocelli managed to fill the hole in his heart by getting to perform with his beautiful wife, Veronica Berti, at an intimate show.

When Andrea and Veronica Bocelli first met, their relationship was just a professional one.

Veronica was working as Andrea’s manager. But things escalated quickly outside of the spotlight and the two became firm friends and then lovers. But Andrea had already been divorced so he was scared to say ‘”I do” once more. In fact, he waited over a decade before marrying Veronica but he couldn’t have been happier now they’re actually married.

But not only are they soulmates, but they also make an incredible musical pairing. The two performed a beautiful rendition of “Qualche Stupido” (Somethin’ Stupid) and it was too pure for words.

When they were recording the track, they needed a female vocalist to demo the female part of the song. Andrea told the producer to get Veronica to do a duet with him and when they heard them both together, they knew she was the right fit for the song. You don’t get much better chemistry than actual love.

Andrea and Veronica

The location for their live performance was like something out of a film as well. The lights on the buildings, the boats in the harbor and the two sat at a table outside made for the perfect romantic setting.

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