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Alligator Spotted Relaxing On Inflatable Alligator Pool Float

By - 29th May 2019

There’s not really any other words to describe this crazy story. Have you ever seen something that is so out of place? Something about it is just wrong? Well, today is that day. The Jacobs family went on holiday to Florida, and expected to see an alligator or two, but not like this.

There are pros and cons to living in different areas of America. For instance, in the northern states with cooler climates, you are less likely to find deadly animals. It’s just too cold for most scorpions, spiders and snakes. However, when winter comes around or there is a particularly cold snap, you may regret your decision.

Suddenly, southern states are the envy of Americans all over. Their warm climes all year round also make them the perfect holiday destination. However, they are also the home to many species of dangerous wildlife, including alligators.

Dave Jacobs and his family were staying in a Florida Airbnb ahead of a wedding in the area. The Georgia residents had decided to turn it into a little holiday as well.

alligator pool float

They had spotted an alligator in a nearby lake but thought nothing of it. They thought it was pretty cute, although their dog did keep barking at it. When they put their pup in the fenced-in pool deck, they thought that would be the last of it. However, their loyal pooch kept barking at the alligator. From their seats indoors, the family assumed the alligator was taunting it, but that was not the case.

The next day, it appeared in their pool, hanging out on the inflatable alligator pool float that they had brought with them!

alligator pool float

Dave’s 14-year-old daughter was reported to have said, “Dad, this is soooo meta.” She’s not wrong.

Funny as it was, after they snapped a pic, they called the owner of their Airbnb for advice. Suddenly the reptile was a little scarier than before. Luckily, they called a wildlife management service. They had been busy with similar calls as it was alligator mating season.

alligator pool float

But it still shocked the Jacobs family. Dad Dave said, “I guess it’s not that unusual, but it was unusual to me.” The Georgia family and their dog were all safe but had quite a story to tell everyone at home.

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