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Toddler Gets Frustrated When Alexa Won’t Play “Baby Shark”

By - 30th July 2019
toddler baby shark

What’s your favorite song? It doesn’t matter if it’s Bieber or Belinda Carlisle, Megadeth or Matt Cardle if you love their music you want to hear it. It’s best not to look down on anyone else for their music tastes, whether you’d listen to it or not. However, there maybe one exception to the rule. And that exception is Baby Shark.

Anyone with kids will understand this pain. The song is an infuriatingly catchy children’s song about a family of sharks. It comes with actions and dances and everything, but it will get stuck in your head immediately. But, sometimes it’s worth it to keep the kids happy.

toddler baby shark

However, this Wisconsin toddler took things into her own hands. She really wanted to listen to her favorite song, Baby Shark. So, she asked Alexa to play it for her. Unfortunately, Alexa struggled to understand the poor girl.

Her mom was on hand, video camera rolling, to capture the hilarious exchange between toddler and robot. And, in the end, mom helped to tell Alexa what to play. Just take a look at the smile on her kid’s face when she hears the opening bars of Baby Shark! Let’s just hope it was worth it for the mom.

toddler baby shark

The things you do for your children, eh? This mom really took one for the team, as you know the song will be stuck in her head for days now! But people love the viral video and the happy little smile on the girl’s face. That makes it all worthwhile.

Would you help your kids out even if the song they wanted was incredibly annoying? We hope so! Let us know what you think of the girl’s adorable reaction in the comments, and share with your family and friends. You can check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about a kind cashier helping a struggling mom.