Return to top Alaskan Malamutes Treat Dad To A Song On The Way To The Groomers, They Sing In Perfect Harmony

Alaskan Malamutes Treat Dad To A Song On The Way To The Groomers, They Sing In Perfect Harmony

By - 17th December 2018

Dogs truly are wonderful animals. They have big hearts, great personalities and all the love in the world to share with their humans. Some dogs love running, others love napping, but these Alaskan Malamutes love singing in the car with their human dad.

Travis, Leila, and Zoe the Alaskan Malamutes were on their way to the dog groomers with their human. They love riding in the car together and their human loves encouraging them to share their vocal stylings with the world.

Yes, these gorgeous fluffy pups love belting their lungs out. Sure, it might not be harmonious just yet, but God loves a trier, right?

These gorgeous fluffy Alaskan Malamutes love belting out songs in the car with their human.

As the video starts, we see two fluffy dogs in the backseat beginning to howl before a third dog squeezes in between them to join the canine choir.

The gentle giants try and match the timing with each other so they are all singing in unison. However, I think they may need a little more practice… and maybe some singing lessons. Still, they’re adorable so that is a bonus.

Their human managed to capture their singalong on camera so now we can all enjoy their wonderful song. They seem to be pretty natural performers as well. In fact, they can’t keep their eyes off the camera as they howl with pure passion.

According to the Alaskan Malamutes’ owner, this singing session tends to happen at least twice a day on average. You would have thought they’d have perfected their harmonies by now.

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