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Alanis Morissette And James Corden Update The Lyrics To “Ironic”

By - 14th August 2019
morissette ironic

What was your favorite song of the 90s? Spice Girls? Oasis? Or are you more of a Nirvana or Green Day fan? Whatever you liked, you won’t have missed Alanis Morissette’s 1995 pop classic “Ironic”. Her distinctive voice and the iconic lyrics put the hit into the history books.

It reached the top five in the U.S., Canadian, Australian, and Norwegian charts. The song was nominated for two Grammys, and the incredible video was nominated for six MTV video music awards. The video featured Alanis Morissette driving through the snow in a red winter hat and plaited hair.

morissette ironic

But, earlier this year she appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show to perform the song. However, viewers got an unexpected surprise! Not only did she duet with Corden, they both wore the iconic outfits from the video.

Not only that, but they updated the lyrics to be more appropriate to everyday struggles nearly 25 years after the original release. The audience loved the updated lyrics, but the internet did even more! The Corden and Morissette collaboration has over 20 million views on YouTube, so if you haven’t heard it – check it out!

morissette ironic

“It’s like they announce a new iPhone the day after you buy it,” is a personal favorite line from the new version! But, there are so many funny lines to choose from!

The original tune came under fire from grammar pedants for not actually listing anything ironic, rather just coincidences. However, Corden and Morissette covered that in their new version. They still listed funny coincidences, but included the line, “It’s singing “Ironic,” but there are no ironies.”

morissette ironic

It’s always great to see an artist who can make fun of themselves a little bit! Do you remember the original song and its video? Do you prefer the new version? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends!