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African Teacher Has Become An Internet Hero For Teaching Computer Technology With A Blackboard

By - 6th March 2018

I’m sure at some point or another, most of you have hated school, whether it was just a day, an hour or the whole experience.

But there are kids all over the world that would love to be able to go to school and have the opportunity to learn. Especially throughout Africa.

But sadly, even when kids get to school, they might not have the facilities they need to learn. But that hasn’t stopped one teacher in Ghana.

The teacher is Richard Appiah Akoto who gives lessons on computer technology despite having no access to computers in his school and he’s become massively inspirational online.

Teaching of ICT in Ghana’s school is very funny.  ICT on the board paa. I love ma students so have to do wat will make them understand Wat am teaching. [sic]

Richard, 33, has been teaching for 6 years at the Betenase M/A Junior High School in the town of Sekyedomase (around two and a half hours drive north of Ghana’s second city, Kumasi).

He’s been pictured using a blackboard to draw a rather specific diagram of the Microsoft Word program that we all know so well.

His handy work has caught the attention of numerous people online who applaud his dedication to the profession.

One Twitter user was so impressed with his skills that she tweeted Microsoft Africa to help out this awesome human being.

And it makes sense, he’s teaching kids how to use Microsoft software without even having the equipment to demonstrate.

And thankfully, Microsoft responded by getting Richard a device and all the professional software he would need for free to help educate his students on computer technology.

Bless you, Richard. Not all heroes wear capes.

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