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Adorable Boxer Dog Adopts The Most Unlikely Litter And It Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day

By - 16th November 2017

Some are just natural caregivers and the mothering instinct comes easily, and it couldn’t be more true for this boxer dog. Treasure, the boxer, found herself adopting eight babies in the most unlikely of places; a pig pen. 

Treasure came to the Trevor family’s home 18 months ago as a stray, and she quickly became an integral part of the family. Two weeks ago, eight sickly piglets were brought to the Trevor’s farm in Wongawallen from another farmer, arriving sunburnt and muddy, and Treasure clearly sensed that the piglets required some TLC.

Treasure’s maternal instincts kicked in and she quickly bonded with the babies. She developed an instant bond with the pigs as she kept guard over them, played with them and even let them feed from her!

She’s just a natural mother… and started taking care of them. She does it for the fun of it. When the piglets started suckling, she went straight into milk production. One day they escaped and she sort of went after them… and acted like the mother.

While it may seem odd for an animal to feed another species with their milk, when Mr Trevor consulted a vet about it, they said that it should be fine so long as Treasure isn’t being injured during the caregiving. The family also give the piglets extra feed to ensure they have the nutrients that they need.

The family aren’t sure if Treasure has had a litter of her own before they came across her, so maybe she misses her own babies or is just jumping at the chance to care for a litter of babies for the first time. One thing’s for sure though, she is a great step-mom to these lucky piglets.

The family opened their property to the public about 5 months ago and they have gone from strength to strength, with Treasure and her piglet’s amazing bond being a huge draw for visitors.

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