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Man Adopts Dog With Massive Tumor For A Beautiful Reason

By - 19th August 2019
thanos dog tumor

There are countless reasons we could give for why you should adopt a dog. Or a cat for that matter, or any pet. And every single person who adopts an animal has done the world a massive favor. Their kindness will surely be repaid, if only through that animal’s love and affection. Pets soon become a part of the family and adopted pets even more so. They appreciate the love and support even more because they knew hardship. But Coco the dog had a massive tumor, and the shelter wasn’t sure he would be adopted before he passed.

thanos dog tumor

But one man had an incredible reason for adopting this poorly pup. The dog was originally called Coco, but after being given back to the shelter by four different families because his condition was too hard to care for, his last owner renamed him, Thanos. The Avengers villain may not be your first choice of name, but Luciano Karosas thought he’d endured many great battles. It does seem fitting.

Thanos’ cancer was in a massive tumor on his head, so the shelter didn’t think anyone would want to adopt him. But Luciano came through with the ultimate kind act. After Thanos was given 40 days to live, he adopted him so he could be happy for his last weeks of life.

Luciano Adopts Thanos And His Tumor

“It took me a while to come to terms with the idea that we don’t have much time together,” he said. “I even took him to a vet who works with stem-cell treatments to see what we could do. I was looking for a ray of hope, but he told me there’s nothing that can be done to extend his life.”

But, about two months after adopting him, Thanos sadly passed away. The pair had so much fun in this time. We don’t doubt that Luciano made this dog’s life so much better by adopting him and looking after him.

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thanos dog tumor