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Actor Goes Off Script In Stage Show, Then His Girlfriend Realises Why

By - 17th May 2019

We all love the theatre. Whether you go every month or once a decade, you always know it will be a good day out. However, you usually expect them to stick to the script. But at this performance at Cape Breton University, you’ll forgive the actor in question.

Rob Bowden interrupted their performance of Broadway Showstoppers to propose to his girlfriend, also acting in the show. His off-script stunt surprised his future fiance, but thankfully she seemed to deal with it well.

actor proposal

The moment was caught on video by one of his girlfriend’s friends, and you can see it over on Facebook.

“I just figured that since I was on my knee,” he said. Then he asked Jill Taylor to marry him.

“I planned this with everyone,” Bowden continued. “The sound guy, the light guy, the producer, director, choreographer, everybody — my sisters, my friends … just not you.”

The moment took Taylor completely by surprise. She looked out to the audience and cracked a joke.

“Hi, mom, I know why you stayed for the seven o’clock show.”

actor proposal

She said yes, of course, and her mom in the audience was immensely proud. Taylor was interviewed after the performance and said “I was just so overwhelmingly happy … everybody knew but me, so it was really cool.”

The couple kissed before continuing with the show, after all, the show must go on!

Bowden kept the proposal a complete surprise by wearing the ring on his finger for their dance number before the proposal. “I kept moving my hand really fast so she wouldn’t see it,” he said.

actor proposal

The proposal happened on Mother’s Day, which was significant for Bowden, as his own mom had passed away a few years before.

Apparently, the couple is considering a wedding on-stage too! That’s the life of an actor! What do you think of this heartwarming story? Let us know in the comments, or share with your family and friends! Would you propose on stage? You can check out similar stories on Happiest.