Return to top Emotions sky high as abused puppy reacts to being stroked — for the very first time

Emotions sky high as abused puppy reacts to being stroked — for the very first time

By - 19th November 2016

A video of an abused puppy that cries as it gets stroked for the first time is sure to pluck at the heartstrings of even the most reluctant animal lover.

The heartbreaking cries come from an abandoned puppy that had suffered abuse its whole life, this left it unable to understand the gentle affection it was being shown it its new home.

The pup backed into the corner, fearful of what was coming…

In the highly moving two-minute clip below, the once abused puppy issues some seriously heartbreaking cries for help. The small dog seems in genuine distress as she tries to comprehend if the handler is going to cause her any more harm.

Defenceless and scared she is constantly looking to see what will happen to her next. As you watch the puppy pressed against the corner of the kennel, her cries of fear give an idea of the suffering she must have gone through.

However, after a short period of reassuring and soothing strokes around her quivering head and under her chin Priscilla’s cries get quieter and quieter and she starts to relax.

Little by little the pup starts to trust again..

little by little the pup starts to trust again.

Fortunately, we are gradually shown the positive progress the abused puppy makes at the shelter, with consecutive scenes displaying her more at ease.

The pups now looking a whole lot healthier and happier, don’t you think?

The pups now looking a lot happier and healthier.

Enjoying happier times now the pup has a new family, her favourite activities now include walks in the woods, snuggles on the sofa and watching squirrels out the window. now that sounds remarkably like a normal dog to me.

It’s amazing to see how far the ex-abuse puppy has come and what a bit of tender love and care can do. The world needs more of this.

She’s really starting to enjoy her new freedom.


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