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Pregnant Dog Waits Day And Night For Her Family To Come Home – Then Neighbor Discovers The Truth

By - 31st August 2018

It is always awful when somebody abandons their pet, but to abandon a heavily pregnant animal is even worse. When Tania Cappelluti received a call about a dog standing outside a blue house, she didn’t expect to hear its tragic story.

Cappelluti received a call from someone who witnessed their neighbors move away and leave their heavily pregnant dog behind. The poor dog had been standing outside the doorway for days, waiting for her family to return. The awful people hadn’t even left her with any food or water to keep her alive.

They moved away and left their pregnant dog behind. No food or water. On her own, with a big belly. The poor girl is sitting now day and night in front of the door waiting for her people to come back home.

pregnant dog

Tania Cappelluti is one of the founders of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica. She had originally moved to Costa Rica to set up a yoga retreat, but when she saw how many stray animals there were, she decided to set up CAARCR.

She has helped many animals find loving forever homes, so she set about trying to do the same for this abandoned pregnant dog. The neighbor kindly offered to take her in until they could find a foster home. They needed to find one quickly, as the dog was so round-bellied that she could be ready to have her puppies at any time.

Thankfully, Cappelluti managed to get in touch with Wynn Mackey, an American retiree who lives in Costa Rica. Wynn already had a few dogs of his own and offered to take in the pregnant pup. They lovingly named the abandoned dog, Marie.

Marie was taken to Wynn Mackey’s house, and he set up a bed especially for her to use when the time came. Marie was so pregnant that she could give birth any day.

Marie loved her new home. She enjoyed rolling around in the grass and accepting Mackey’s love and adoration. But Marie was clearly exhausted and she kept getting too hot due to her heavy pregnancy.

She loves to hang out on the cool tiles as she feels a bit uncomfortable being so pregnant.

pregnant dog

Marie finally felt safe and loved after her traumatic ordeal and she never left Mackey’s side.

By now, Marie was so pregnant that the puppies were active in her tummy. Mackey commented that they ‘looked like a little bag of frogs’.

In the middle of a Monday night, Carpuletti woke up, thinking about Marie and her babies. When she checked her phone, she had a message on Facebook. There staring back at her was Marie and her seven puppies.

Marie had given birth, but not in the bed Mackey had made for her. Oh no! Instead, she had decided that Mackey’s own bed was much more comfy for such a special delivery.

“All is well! Marie hesitates to leave the babies even to relieve herself. But I am sure that she will soon relax and even enjoy short breaks.” Carpuletti says of the happy canine family.

pregnant dog

Marie loves her puppies and she is finally in a safe environment for them to grow by her side. Once they are big enough, they will be looking for their own forever homes. But for the time being, all they need to do is rest, eat, and cuddle their mama.

If you would like to make a donation towards Marie and her puppies’ care, then you can make a donation through their Facebook page. If you loved this story, be sure to share it with your friends to spread awareness. Also, we love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. ?