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Abandoned Newborn Puppy Is Starving, Until An Unlikely Mother Steps Forward

By - 23rd January 2018

Anyone who says that cats are selfish clearly doesn’t know the right cats. They have proven time and again that they are capable of caring for each other and other creatures, and this story is proof of that. 

When a one-day-old pitbull puppy was left on the doorstep of the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL), rescuers were concerned. A newborn puppy is in a critical condition when born and needs their mother to keep them alive; they need round the clock nurturing and, obviously, a mother to nurse from.

The puppy, who they lovingly named Noland, was healthy and strong but very hungry. The rescuers immediately tried to think how they would keep the puppy alive.

He needed some kind of immediate intervention if he was going to survive.

After racking their brains, the caregivers came up with an idea… but it was a long shot. They may not be able to give Norland his own mother, but maybe they could give him the next best thing.

The APL team turned to an unlikely animal in the facility; a cat called Lolaine. Lolaine had only just given birth herself and so she was embracing her new-found mothering instinct. But having a different animal in your litter is a whole other story!

The team were worried that Lolaine may not accept the puppy in her litter, but instead a miracle happened.

We held the puppy up to her. (Lolaine) came up and she started sniffing, and immediately nuzzling, and licking, and just accepted the puppy as one of her own.

Lolaine fell so in love with the puppy that she even did the unthinkable – she allowed him to nurse from her. She adopted Noland as one of her own babies.

“I don’t think he knows she’s a cat, and I don’t think she knows he’s a dog.” said a caretaker at the facility. It just goes to show that love can spread across different species.

Despite Lolaine’s care, Noland also gets additional care from the APL team and feeds about 7 to 8 times a day. He’ll be a big, strapping dog in next to no time at that rate!

But Lolaine always keeps watch over Noland whenever anyone else is feeding him. If she doesn’t think they are doing it right or that he has had enough feeding, she will tap them with her paw and ask for her adopted son back.

The little puppy and feline family are utterly adorable together. Noland is very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring mother like kitty Lolaine. If you loved this story, be sure to share it with your friends. ?