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A Family Cat Cries Through Baby Monitor, Then They Realise Why

By - 26th February 2019

Roy and Bernita Rogers spent years trying for a baby, only to suffer heartbreak on three occasions, when each of their babies died shortly after their premature birth. Unsure of what to do next, they turned their parenting instincts to a stray kitten that they adopted. Little did they know, Midnight would be their family’s saving grace.

Not long after, Bernita gave birth to Stacey, a healthy child. Everything finally seemed to be going their way, but the couple were understandably nervous after their prior misfortunes. They took every precaution, and always kept an eye on baby Stacey, and used a baby monitor while she slept. Even Midnight took to her, and could often be seen guarding her bassinet as she slept.

When Stacey got ill, Roy and Bernita were worried and took her to a doctor, who calmed them down and described the symptoms as a common cold. Heartened by the doctor’s diagnosis, the new parents took six-week-old Stacey home to rest and recover.

Bernita’s parents were in town, and while she hosted them in the living room, Stacey slept soundly in her bedroom.

All of a sudden, Midnight started acting very strangely and bounded into the room. He jumped onto Bernita’s lap and off again, continuing to do so until he had her attention. Bernita didn’t understand what had riled him up, but his persistence let her know something was wrong.

Midnight left the room again, but it wasn’t long before Bernita and her parents heard a strange noise coming from the baby monitor. Midnight was meowing through it from Stacey’s room, and the screeches were terrifying.

Bernita raced to the baby’s room and soon found out what Midnight had been wailing about.

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