Return to top 93 y/o War Vet Dies, No One Is There To Carry His Casket, But Then 6 Teens In Uniform Step In

93 y/o War Vet Dies, No One Is There To Carry His Casket, But Then 6 Teens In Uniform Step In

By - 26th March 2018

Veterans are heroes and they deserve all our respect for all the sacrifices they have made for us and for their duty to keep us safe.

As the years go on, however, veterans get older and slowly we lose more and more. Sadly, it’s never a pleasant feeling saying goodbye to a veteran who’s passed away. But they live on through memories, recognition and stories, like this one;

Thomas Hunter served in the army from 1942-1949 and he participated in the D-Day invasion during World War II.

After the war, Hunter never married. However, he did have 11 siblings, but when he passed away on 12th of September at the age of 93, he had outlived them all. He only had a few nieces who were still alive.

When the time came to plan Hunter’s funeral, they didn’t know who they could get to carry his casket. That’s when Bryan Price, the funeral director at Southern Funeral Homes in Winnfield, Louisiana had an idea.

Bryan decided to contact a local football coach, Lyn Bankston, to see if any of his players would be willing to help out. Bankston knew just the young men who would be willing to help.

He asked Brett Jurek, Justin Lawson, Matthew Harrell, T.J. Homan, Lee Estay and Christian Evans if they would be willing to help out this veteran and his family. Every single one of them agreed immediately.

“These are all young men who are leaders in our program and our community. They know the sacrifice Mr. Hunter made and it meant something to them.” – Lyn Bankston

On the day of the funeral, the six teenagers arrived in their football uniforms to carry the coffin of Thomas Hunter.

Bankston said, “The kids asked if it was appropriate for them to wear their jerseys, and I said absolutely it was because you and this program stand for exactly what Mr Hunter stood for when he was serving this country.”

In a speech on the House floor on Monday, U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham praised the young men and their kind gesture, “They didn’t know this man, but they knew that every veteran deserves to die with dignity and be honoured for the sacrifices he made in defence of this nation,”

Ralph went on to say “I think the actions of these young men speak volumes about what’s truly important – country, community, family, God.”

Coach Bankston was thrilled with the boys’ attitude. “One of the things we try to teach our young people is to value history and to recognise that so many people sacrificed so they could have the life they have.

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