Return to top Old Man Has To Abandon Groceries After Losing $100 Bill, A Day Later A Little Boy Comes Forward

Old Man Has To Abandon Groceries After Losing $100 Bill, A Day Later A Little Boy Comes Forward

By - 19th June 2018

There are a lot of parents who usual social media platforms to vent their frustrations on parental life. Sometimes being able to share what silly thing your child has done with your friends can be therapeutic.

For one mother though, she had nothing but pride to share on her social media after one of her children’s good deeds. Jodie Johnson, like most mothers, also finds herself struggling with parenthood. But recently, she had something positive to share online. Something that made her a very proud mother.

Jodie’s 8-year-old son, Jaron Johnson, has been portrayed as quite a helpful and kind young man on his mother’s Facebook. Earlier this year, Jodie posted a series picture of her son that showed that he goes above and beyond being a ‘good boy’.

After he had finished his homework, he vacuumed the house, scrubbed his shoes, organised a closet and tidied the living room for her.

“To be eight years old, this boy is so responsible! He continues to amaze me,”

But that wasn’t what made him an extra special child. One day, the family had gone out shopping at Walmart and this is where Jodie’s son made a very selfless decision.

While out shopping, Jaron Johnson found a hundred dollar bill on the floor

Now, most people would see this as their lucky day and pocket the cash. Not Jaron, he wanted to do the right thing for someone who must be panicked about losing their money.

Jaron told his mom about what he had found. Jodie took the money from him with the intention of finding who could have dropped the money accidentally.

That person was James Grice, an 86-year-old man who’d, unfortunately, dropped the money from his wallet. The loss of this money was not light for James, it was actually a pretty big deal for him.

The $100 bill was James Grice’s grocery money

James is on a fixed income, in fact, because he had lost this money, he couldn’t purchase his groceries that day. Then he became worried because he didn’t know what to do as he assumed that money would never be returned.

“When I walked outside of the store I said Lord let somebody that really needs that money, find it. When I turn things over to the Lord, I don’t fool with it anymore.”

As soon as Jaron woke up the following morning, he asked his mom to call Walmart straight away to see if anybody had reported any missing money. Grice had notified the store.

Thankfully, James Grice received the call he needed. It stated that an 8-year-old boy and his mom wanted to meet him to return the $100 bill to him.

A truly grateful Grice rewarded Jaron with $20 for his kindness and his dedication to doing the right thing.

Jodie felt rewarded by the experience as well. She felt utter pride by what her son had done.

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