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After 8 Months Searching, The Moment The Little Boy Sees His Dog Again Will Leave You In Floods

By - 12th November 2017

If you have a pet then you understand that they are a part of the family, loved by everyone and cared for unconditionally. So the idea of that pet going missing and suddenly not being in your life is awful to comprehend, which is exactly what happened to this family. 

When Paula William’s family’s dog, Kace, went missing for over a month, they had almost given up hope that they would ever find him. Kace was let outside into the garden to go to the bathroom and when the family went to let him in, Kace had gone.

A week after Kace went missing, the family’s town in Texas experienced a blizzard, coating the streets and houses in nearly 20 inches of snow. The family feared the worst as the weather conditions would be unbearable if Kace was lost outside in the cold.

Over a month later, whilst driving home, Paula became stuck behind a school bus when she saw two little girls get off the bus and suddenly Kace came bounding towards them. Paula jumped out of her car and ran towards Kace, crying “That’s my son’s dog!”

Thankfully the family of the little girls had found Kace and brought him into their house where they had fed and kept him warm during the blizzard. If it wasn’t for their kind act, Kace could have been in a lot of trouble.

Relieved to have Kace safely back in her arms, Paula brought him home and surprised her 6-year-old son, Kahne, capturing the emotional reunion on camera. The young boy and his dog had been inseparable ever since they got him as a puppy, with Kahne being the one to pick him out, so to say the reunion is emotional is an understatement.

Watch the video for yourself and be sure to have a box of tissues ready!

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