Return to top 6 y/o Genius Who Blew Pilots Minds With Incredible Knowledge, Attempts to Fly His First Ever Aircraft

6 y/o Genius Who Blew Pilots Minds With Incredible Knowledge, Attempts to Fly His First Ever Aircraft

By - 24th November 2017

People train for many years to become a pilot. After all, it is a very complex job with high risk involved so you have to really know your stuff to be able to be entrusted with the lives of passengers. So who would have thought that a 6-year-old would be intelligent enough to fly a plane? 

6-year-old Adam impressed flight crew at Etihad Airlines when he demonstrated his impressive knowledge whilst on a flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi. The crew could see that the boy was passionate about aircraft and wanted to fly the plane and invited him into the cockpit. Captain Samer Yakhlef filmed Adam impressively discussing aviation, intelligent beyond his years, and the video quickly went viral.

Seeing a future pilot in the making, Etihad decided to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to the young genius. Adam was invited to become an Etihad pilot for the day and all his dreams came true at once.

With a pilot by his side, Adam was able to fly his favourite airplane in the Training Academy and put his knowledge to use. Dressed in official pilot uniform, Adam looks the part as he walks to his ‘aircraft’ and jumps into the drivers seat.

Here we go baby!

Adam is clearly having the time of his life as he works with the other pilot to safely lift off the plane and keep it in the air with ease. He seems to know many official terms and is an absolute natural. The tiny Captain’s knowledge is amazing and the real-life pilot is clearly impressed by him.

Young Adam has been fascinated by planes all of his life and he dreams of becoming a Captain of an A380 Airbus one day. Watching the video, it is clear to see that if his passion continues as he grows older, it is definitely a goal within his reach. What a clever little boy!

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If you enjoyed this amazing story, you can watch the full original video which went viral below!