Return to top 6 kids were left alone with an elderly lady, but no one predicted emotional moment that unfolded.

6 kids were left alone with an elderly lady, but no one predicted emotional moment that unfolded.

By - 31st July 2017

As kids grow up, they become more and more curious. And with their curiosity comes some rather difficult conversations to be had.

Thanks to the Cut YouTube channel, some of these life experiences, disabilities and occurrences can be simplified thanks to these beautifully simple yet impactful videos.

The video we have chosen to talk about is ‘Kids Meets a Woman with Alzheimer’s‘. As the title states, the video features a small handful of children listening to a lady who suffers from Alzheimer’s talk about what life is like living with the disease.

She discusses how she gets by day to day and a basic rundown of what the disease entails.

The speaker is a lady called Miriam Marquez, a 69-year-old retired lawyer who began to forget things around 7 years ago. She was 62 when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Myriam tells the kids about how her disease has developed and explains some of the lesser-known factors.

Like the other speakers in the Cut’s YouTube series, Myriam speaks incredibly openly to the children and aims to raise awareness to the Alzheimer’s Association.

There are a few heartbreaking moments in the video where the kids learn about some of the issues surrounding the disease.

They ask some very personal but honest questions about the disease, such as if it’s contagious and if you can you die from it.

Even when talking openly about such a sad subject, Myriam manages to stay positive.

She focusses on the awareness of the illness rather than the struggles which continue to keep the children gripped by her words. 

One little boy definitely found her story upsetting but you can see how enthralled he was with her story.

Bless you, Myriam for sharing your story and raising awareness of Alzheimer’s to these young children and the hundreds of thousands of viewers who watched the video.

Find out more about the Alzheimer’s Association here:

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