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5-Year-Old And Her Dad Perform Beautiful Easter Duet

By - 19th April 2019
Easter duet

Easter is a time to think and reflect. It’s about rebirth and renewal, in yourself as much as in nature. Springtime brings flowers blooming, baby rabbits being born, and of course Easter eggs. However, it’s good to remember the real reason for Easter. The Bible says Jesus was reborn at this time, and that is the reason we celebrate.

5-year-old Claire Ryann Crosby obviously remembered this, as she sings a beautiful hymn celebrating God and Jesus. Her innocence and beautiful voice give real meaning to the song, Peace in Christ. It’s a very popular hymn and she sings it with such emotion. It really makes you stop and listen. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to listen to her beautiful voice.

If it wasn’t cute enough for Claire to have a beautiful rendition of the hymn, her dad joins in as well. He has an equally beautiful voice, and together they perform the hymn in a graceful and meaningful way.

Sometimes you wonder if life is really fair when this family evidently have so much talent flowing through their veins and DNA. But it’s best to forget about that and enjoy the music, which you can listen to below.

Easter is a wonderful time of year for self-reflection and family, and this version of Peace in Christ embodies that. Their family coordination has produced a magical song.

The Crosbys have a history of producing beautiful duets and songs, but this could be their very best. It’s helped by the heartwarming music video that accompanies it, but the voices truly shine through.

How many times have you listened to this in a row? We have more times than we’d care to admit… Let us know in the comments! Share Claire’s beautiful voice with your family and friends, and check out similar stories on Happiest.