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Adorable Little Girl With Cerebral Palsy Squeals With Joy As She Takes Her First Steps On Her Own

By - 5th July 2018

For most of you, if not all of you, you’ll have been too young to remember what happened when you took your first steps. For one little girl, it was a day she’d been waiting all too long for! But 4-year-old Maya has her own struggles with walking and that’s down to her Cerebral Palsy.

Walking is something we all take for granted. For most of us, we don’t consciously think about putting one foot in front of the other. But one little girl has to really think and challenge herself to get up and move.

It’s not that she’s lazy, but this 4-year-old has Cerebral Palsy and she’s been wheelchair-bound.

Maya, age 4, doesn’t let her illness get her down. She’s still full of life and smiles.

Maya has cerebral palsy

Her struggle to walk doesn’t hold her back, for Maya, it’s just a challenge to tackle. Maya’s mom posted a video online which shows her little girl taking her first steps unaided at the age of 4.

Maya’s adorable reaction, award-winning smile and sheer enthusiasm are melting the hearts of the internet. Honestly, this little girl is a superstar!

In the video, we see Maya looking a little cautious but no less ready to take on the challenge.

At first, we see her shuffle a little bit to get her grip on the seat before hoisting herself upwards. From then, she stands calmly as she finds her balance, all the while showcasing a spectacular grin!

Maya takes a little step before losing her balance and sitting back down – but that’s not the end. Oh no, Maya is ready for round 2; she won’t be defeated!

Maya regains her stance, shuffles once more and then stands up slowly but steadily, managing to take a few steps.

This adorable little girl is beaming with giddiness as she manages to walk without a cane for the first time. Her parents and sibling are all cheering her on.

“I even took a big step!” she squeals with delight. Her dad replies “That was a big marching step!”

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