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Girl Watches Boyfriend’s Video, Then Discovers He’s Been Proposing In Secret, Everyday, For The Last Year

By - 10th July 2018

When a couple gets engaged the question everybody wants to know the answer to is, “How did you propose?” Some people hide the ring in a cake, some have a plane write the words in the sky or propose on the kiss-cam at the ball game. But Dean Smith wanted to do something a little different. 

Dean Smith knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel. He wanted to make the proposal a moment to remember, so he set to work brainstorming how he could do it. Never one to take the easy route, Dean came up with the perfect plan. The only problem was, it would take him a whole year to complete.

Before Dean could propose, he had 365 things to do first…

Dean spent the next year recording short video clips every single day, holding up a whiteboard to the camera. This featured prop turned out to be the main focus of his proposal. Every day, he wrote a new message on the whiteboard with the date, popping the big question.

365-day proposal

Every day, for 365 days, Dean asked Jennifer to marry him. On some occasions, she is in the room at the time, totally unaware that he is proposing to her. Leading up to the big day, he even enlists the help of family members and their pet dog for the 365-day proposal.

365-day proposal

When the big day arrived, Jennifer and Dean were enjoying a family holiday in Aruba. Jennifer had no idea what was in store as her family members sent her on a treasure hunt, using the trusty whiteboards as her guide. Eventually arriving at the beach, she was handed a tablet and hit ‘Play’ to find Dean’s face looking back at her.

Jennifer was about to find out about her 365-day proposal

Jennifer, I love you more than anything in the world. I know that you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, but I want the timing to be perfect and make this moment special. For the next year, I’ll show you how much I love you and that you’re in my thoughts every day. I want to marry you.

Needless to say, the tears start flowing all round as the video passes through the last year of their life together. The video is interspersed with clips of Jennifer going about her life as normal, totally unaware of the project running in the background. And it all leads up to this moment…

365-day proposal

Now Dean and Jennifer are happily married…

365-day proposal
Dean and Jennifer on their wedding day

And the happy couple is now a happy trio. Welcome to the world Baby Kessel-Smith!

But their life together all started with Dean’s fantastic proposal. Only someone who truly loved you would go to such great lengths of effort and dedication. Watch the video below to see the romantic moment where Jennifer agreed to be Dean’s wife.

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