Return to top 30+ Times People Discovered Their Grandparents Were Way Cooler Than They Are

30+ Times People Discovered Their Grandparents Were Way Cooler Than They Are

By - 6th March 2018

We all hope that when we’re old we will be deemed as cool grandparents. We forget that our grandparents were once young like us, living their lives and having a whale of a time.

These people found amazing photos of their grandparents in their prime, and got a huge surprise when they realised that their grandparents were quite possibly cooler than they are…

1. My Grandmother Right After She Ran Away From Communistic Bulgaria To Germany (1978)

2. Photo Of My Grandfather Exiting His Plane After Getting Shot Down

3. My Grandparents Taking A Mirror Selfie In The Mid 1960s On Their Super8 Camera

4. My Grandfather After Winning 1st Place In The County Beard Contest. The Hat Was His Prize. Circa 1954

5. My Granny (Nicknamed Kidd) Wasn’t Allowed To Join The Air Force Because She Was A Woman. So She Taught Young Men To Fly In Stephenville, Texas During WW2

6. My Grandparents In 1960, On A Date. My Favourite Picture

7. WW2 – My Badass Grandpa With A Car He Stole From Nazis

8. This Photo Is Of My Badass Grandpa Sending It Down Grouse Mt Back In 1938. On Skis He Made Himself

9. My Grandparents Circa 1950s. They Never Had Much Money And Would Throw Parties Making Fun Of Rich People

10. I Recently Lost My Grandmother To Cancer. This Will Always Be One Of My Favourite Photo Of Her

11. My Great Grandfather Gave Einstein Violin Lessons

12. My Grandma Recently Passed. My Grandpa Sent Me This Picture So I Could Know What Man Looks Like When He Is In Love. They Were Married 60+ Years

13. My Granny On The Wing Of My Dad’s Cropduster Plane. She Did This A Few Times That I Know Of.

14. My Grandfather Lighting A Cigarette From A Street Lamp. What A Dude.

15. The Last Photo In My Grandparents Wedding Album, 1954.

16. My Grandpa’s FBI Academy Photo. He Worked As A Spy Recruiter During The Cold War.

17. My Grandmother (Left) Kissing Louis Armstrong, 1954/55.

18. My Great-Grandmother In Her New Car. She Was Most Likely The First Indian Woman In The Western US To Own A Car (April 7, 1916).

19. My Grandfather Defusing A Bomb On Martin Luther King’s Porch. He Was Buried Three Years Ago On MLK Day.

20. My Grandmother With Then-Mercury 7 Astronauts John Glenn, Gus Grissom, And Alan Shepherd (September 14th, 1959).

21. My Grandfather Was Into Cosplay Before It Was “The Thing To Do”.

22. Found This Magazine Clipping Of My Grandmother. She Used To Model And No One Ever Knew This About Her.

23. My Grandparents Wearing Each Other’s Clothes, 1943.

24. My Grandmother Demonstrating The Three-Point Belt As A Model For Volvo, 1959.

25. My Grandfather The Day Before He Was Shipped Out With The Marines, 1941.

26. My Finnish Grandfather Smoking A Cigarette And Holding A Wild Fox That He Befriended (Circa 1975).

27. My Grandparents Travelled The World In 1961. They Did It Again 35 Years Later And Wrote A Book About It. They Inspire Me.

28. My Grandfather Died Today. I Want To Tell You What A Badass He Was.

29. If I Could Only Be Half As Badass As My Grandfather This Memorial Day, Circa 1960.

30. My Grandmother Singing Backup For Frank Sinatra, 1949.

31. My Grandma (Top) Was A Badass In WW2, 1940s.

32. My Grandfather’s Badass Swandive, 1930.

33. My Very Cool Grandpa In The 1950s Holding A Fish, Smoking A Cigarette, With A Book Tucked Into His Pants And Cigarette Pack In His Sleeve.

34. My Grandfather Died Last Week, We Found A Photo Of Him From His Younger Days.

35. My Crazy Grandfather.

This is my crazy grandfather. Hands down, the funniest old coot that’s ever existed. On his deathbed, he told us (his grandkids) “Don’t be cheap. Spend 25 cents and buy the paper. The Times promised me a big spread.” He worked as a photographer for the LA Times for 50+ years and had many famous photos, including the first published photo of an atomic bomb explosion. He was a man of many stories and an unforgettable sense of humour. After laying his wife and two sons to rest, he stayed strong and kept his spirit high. He battled prostate cancer for 20+ years and lived to see his 92nd birthday and his great-grandchildren.

36. My grandmother. This picture was next to her coffin at her funeral (the late 60s or early 70s).

How cool were these grandparents?! It may be time to go rooting through your family’s old photo albums to find some awesome photos of your own.

Have you found out your grandparents were super cool in their youth? Leave your own experiences in the comments below and share these great pictures with your friends and family. To see even more awesome photos of cool grandparents in their heyday, check out the article over on Thirsty?