Return to top 86-Year-Olds ‘Thank You’ Note For His VHS Player Has Made Thousands Cry

86-Year-Olds ‘Thank You’ Note For His VHS Player Has Made Thousands Cry

By - 20th February 2019

When Matt Shoukry sold his old VHS player to an elderly gentleman, the last thing he ever expected to receive was a hand typed thank you letter from the buyer.

But what is perhaps most remarkable about this story is that Matt posted the letter online and it promoted a whole series of responses and stories about acts of kindness.

“It caught my eye because most mail I get is either an advertisement or a bill, but this was handwritten,” Matt Shoukry told the BBC.

“I was blown away by how much emotion and feeling this gentleman had put into a note, and how I felt so connected to him,” Matt, from St Louis, Missouri, said.

The post was upvoted 160,000 times, with many people saying that they were overcome with emotion. The letter describes how the 86 year-old from Phoenix, Arizona had been watching tapes from his retirement party and his wedding day both of which featured family and friends who are no longer around.

Since sharing the letter online, people have been sharing there own tales of kindness. Take a look below.


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