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Man Takes Elderly Shelter Dog To Pet Shop, Then Buys Him Everything He Touches

By - 15th February 2019

Meet King, the twelve-year-old dog who’s had a pretty rough life to say that least. The poor pooch was abandoned by his previous owner and was left to roam the streets. And to make things worse for poor king, he was hit by a car and sadly lost one of his front legs.

After his surgery to repair the injury, King was taken in by the animal rescue group, Marley’s Mutts and they began the search to rehome him. But due to his old age, it was a tough task . and after months of searching he hadn’t;t received a single application.

Things weren’t looking good for King, until TV host Rocky Kanaka heard about his story and decided to help. Rocky is the host of the show Dog’s Day Out where they take shelter dogs out for the perfect day, which often results in them finding a forever home.

For King’s perfect day out, he was taken on a no expense spared shopping spree, and Rocky would buy him whatever he touched, anything but a hamster that is! The first thing he touched was some dog food and then proceeded to sniff out all of the toys and treats. At first, he was a little confused as he’d never seen a toy before but became quite attached to a toy dinosaur he picked out.

By the time the trip was over King had a full cart of treats and toys and looked so happy with his tail wagging constantly. And perhaps the best treat of all, just a few days later, a lady saw the video and decided to adopt him. The video shows King meeting his mom for the first time, and it’s safe to say he was very excited to head to his forever home.

King had a tough life, but now he has finally found a home full of love with a family who will take extra good care of him. You can watch the heartwarming video below and if you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends. ?