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25+ Cats Who Instantly Regretted Their — Poor Life Choices!

By - 20th December 2016

We all know the troubles our feline friends can get up to, well Bored Panda have put together some of the very best situations cats have been discovered in, cat-fails if you will.

Have you ever caught your cat in a little bit of a predicament of its own? Post your photos in the comments and like or comment on your favourite photos as you go through becuase as always, we would love to hear from you!

1. “This hammock is NOT working out for me.”

2. “You just going to stand there like an idiot or are you going to help me?”

3. “Hmmmm, okay I’ll admit I got my calculations wrong on this one.”

4. “I’ve come as Napoleon..”

5. “Throw it. I’m open!’……. “F%#@*”

6. “Help! I’m drowning, OoOoOoOo quarter!”

7. “Yeah, I don’t even know, I could smell food, don’t judge me!”

8. “This is actually going surprisingly well, why is my photo on that stupid list?”

9. “Errr.. Don’t just stand there, help me out!”

10. “There was a bug…it’s gone now. But it uhhh over powered me, yeah it over powered me.”

11. “Do you see this face? Its RAINING!”

12. “I’m surrounded by hell”

13. “Helen, Just clean me up already”

14. “What you doing Tim? I got work to do back here!”

15. Well..Puss in boot! 

16. “Okay I got this, If I just stay very still and wait for human!”

17. “You can’t find me Sue, I’m like a thief in the night”

18. “This is how you do this right?”

19. “What a lovely floor you have human”

20. “I’m a turtle get your hands away from me”

21. “Okay we have a problem, Human, intervene now please, and get me dinner while your at it” 

22. “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” 

23. “eeeeeeechewwww”

24. “Yup! Found it like this, weird huh?”

25. “I’m an alien, I will zap you with my ray gun!”

26. “Well the dog has one, where is mine?”

27. “I’m not worried, have you seen him play pool? Trust me this is the safest place on the table”

28. “Oh Hi, You’re home early”

29. “I swear I used to be smarter than the dog”

30. “Felix told me to..I’m not even bothered”

31. “Put the camera down and help me you idiot”

32. “Embrace the rainbow”

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