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23+ Cats That Somehow Ended Up In The Most Inappropriate Places

By - 8th January 2018

Anyone that owns cats will be well aware that they always end up in the most unusual of places, and the images below are some of the most perfect examples of this.

Yet still, no matter how annoying they can be at times, I think you’ll agree we’ll never stop loving our furry friends.

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1. As the old saying goes, wear your cat on your sleeve?

2. “This bed is very comfy, but why is there a dog in here?”

3. “Is it dinner time yet?”

4. If I fits, I sits.

5. I wasn’t watching anyway, it’s fine.

6. Special delivery!

7. Laundry day, my favourite day of the week!

8. No work hooman, please pet me.

9. At least this kitty has a good sense of humour.

10. I really have no idea how he even got there!

11. That’s very helpful…

12. Kitty cruise control.

13. Please do not turn on the fan…

14. even?!

15. Just taking one of his 10 showers a day.

16. Oh, do you need to use this?

17. Hello hooman, how can we help?

18. Don’t mind me…

19. I drinks all of your water.

20. So comfortable…

21. Two dishwashers are better than one.

22. Halloween is over, i’m afraid.

23. It’s actually comfier than it looks.

24. So toasty.

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