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23 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like The World Isn’t So Bad After All

By - 23rd February 2018

Some days you wake up and feel like going straight back to bed. I don’t blame you, the world is full of doom and gloom in the news.

But the world isn’t all violence and hate, oh no. By now you know that us guys at Happiest like to spread some joy wherever possible and remind you of the good things in the world.

And this post is sure to bring a smile to your face!

We’ve found 23 of the greatest tweets and Tumblr posts that beautifully showcase the good in the world, the love in people’s hearts and the good deeds people do.

Everything from emotional interactions, the loving nature of animals and fun reactions to life’s situations. Each one brilliant, each one pure.

1. This guy knows how to make a first impression

2. I wish I was this barista!

3. The best work photo ever

4. Now this is true love

5. My grandma did a similar thing, this is really important!

6. I need one

7. This is far too precious!

8. A very loving conversation

9. Good work FOX News

10. What would you say?

11. This is a life experience

12. This man is a hero and this child has a good work ethic!

13. A gentleman always dresses for dinner

14. This pup has your best interests at heart

15. Congratulations!

16. Babies know how to spread joy

17. “yes girl remix!!”

18. Nobody wants to feel insecure

19. #GetYouAMichael

20. Brotherly love

21. It’s a proven fact, try it on your next adventure

22. I need to go and visit this zoo ASAP!

23. And no matter what, read this and think, the world isn’t so bad… We promise.

We hope these little stories brightened your day. Which one spoke to you the most? At Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know which one was your favourite in the comment section below. ?