Toddler Stands In Front Of Huge Crowd, Within Seconds Has Them Eating Out Of The Palm Of His Hand


The beauty of being a child is that you have confidence in abundance. Nothing phases you. We could all take a tip from this tiny toddler when it comes to confidence. 

For most adults, the idea of standing in front of hundreds of people would leave them sweating with fear. A lot of people would dread having to give a presentation at work or standing on a stage and performing for a crowd. But this little boy takes it all in his stride.

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When a 15-month-old little boy found himself stood in front of a crowd at Camp Rockmont in North Carolina, he had no idea why he was there. But whatever the reason, he was excited by the fact that everybody was paying him attention. After all, toddlers love attention.

Clapping his hands in delight, the audience copy and begin to applaud and cheer themselves. Confused as to why everyone is doing the same as him, he decides to test just how much they would copy him.

Throwing his arms up in the air, he is amused to see that the crowd does exactly the same thing. The little tyke is clearly a showman in the making as he embraces the admiration and enjoys his newfound leadership.

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The scene is hilarious to say the least and it is so adorable to see the tiny toddler enjoy leading the crowd. Watch the video for yourself to witness the hilarious event.

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