I know that when I watch gymnastics, I can’t help but feel a sense of whimsy at their impressive skills and dedication to the sport. But I think this routine may have just taken gymnastics to a whole other level!

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Gymnasts exude both physical and mental strength.Their routines are so precise, every minor detail is being scrutinized for perfection.

Daria Kondakova a Russian rhythmic gymnast has taken the sport to a whole new level with her phenomenal display.

The three-time silver medalist in the World Cup has been performing since she was a young girl and she has always stood out above the rest.

She lights up and dazzles the crowd when she’s on the mat. And this routine, in particular, was nothing short of a spectacle. And it’s intensity came from not only Daria but a shiny gold ball.

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Daria’s routine appears to defy the laws of physics as she manages to contort her body and perform wonderful stunts with her prop.

You can watch this incredible gymnastics routine in the video below.

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