Underprivileged Kids Face Tough Decision, But Reason Behind Their Choices Will Warm Your Heart


When Christmas comes around, children make lists of the gifts that they would love Santa to bring them, hoping that that they’ve been ‘nice enough’. So when these under priveliged children were presented with the toys that they really wanted, they were delighted. But there was a catch… 

UP TV created a social experiment and took it to a Boys and Girls club in metro Atlanta to carry it out. 83% of the children from this area come from low income families, so the decision presented to them was probably a harder choice than it would be for children whose parents have a higher income.

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The children sit in a room and are asked individually what they would like for Christmas. Answers range from an Xbox 360 to a giant dollhouse, to a trophy case, to legos; all the children have big dreams. Then they are asked what their parents would like for Christmas…

After naming a gift that they think their parents would love, they are presented with a big surprise. The gifts that the children want, and the gifts that they think their parents would like, are placed in front of them and they are told that they are theirs. You can imagine just how excited they are!

But their happiness is about to be cut short when they are presented with a difficult question.

The catch is that you can either get a gift for yourself, or you can pick a gift for your mom and dad.

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While the children initially seem to struggle with the decision, they all without question choose the gift for their parent. Their selfless choices are so moving and when they begin to explain why they chose the gifts for their parents instead of themselves, I got choked up watching.

Watch the wonderful video for yourself and prepare for your heart to grow several sizes. If you loved the message of this video, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section and share with your friends. 🐝

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